The Shadow Knows More Compilation

Another horror themed compilation from Bear Family Records, just in time for the Halloween season!

From Bear Family Records comes another compilation based on a theme, as is a tradition with the label. A sequel to a previous addition, The Shadow Knows More collects together 35 tracks recorded between 1930 and 1966 that share the theme of Halloween and general horror. Intended for more than just one night a year, is this varied albums of vintage scares worth picking up?

Beginning with the spine-chilling instrumental Hell’s Bells by David Carroll & His Orchestra, it continues to thrill with tracks by Kenny Owens, Bob McFadden & Dor W. The 7 Spirits, Ted Heath & His Music, Bill Buchanan, Alma Cogan, Duane Eddy, and more!

This collation of themed music is a decent balance between competent standard-type numbers and the more novel end of things, with a few stand-out standalone tracks. One such example is Freddy Countryman’s The Raven, which works on its own merits away from the Halloween flavoring; as do most of the instrumentals. A personal highlight is hearing actor, singer, and game show host Bert Convy perform ‘The Gorilla’, a track heavily inspired by Sheb Wooley’s ‘Purple People Eater’.

Sound Quality:

As with most collections of this nature, the sound quality varies depending on the track. Bear Family, as always, has ensured the transfers are the best they can be. Aside from some tracks where it is obvious tracks derived from less than ideal sources, everything sounds excellent.

A Little Something Extra…

Inside a standard CD case is a colorful 24-page booklet containing relevant stories, artist information and track details; Written by Chicago music journalist Bill Dahl. Also included are various rare photos and illustrations. As always, the attention to detail is impressive.


Described as “Bear Family’s nightmarish contribution to the Halloween season and other dark nights of horror!”, this compilation more than delivers on its promise. The sheer variety of this selection is astounding, boasting an impressive amount of horror themed tracks that never becomes tiring; all washed down with plenty of echo, sound effects and creepy vibes. If you’re looking for some vintage horror action on Halloween and beyond, this could be the thing for you!


  1. David Carroll & His Orchestra – Hell’s Bells
  2. Daddy Cleanhead & Chuck Higgins Band – Something’s Goin’ On In My Room
  3. Kenny Owens – Frog Man Hop
  4. Bert Convy – The Gorilla
  5. Billy Duke & His Dukes – Roland
  6. Caros Casal, Jr – Don’t Meet Mr. Frankenstein
  7. Bob McFadden & Dor w. The 7 Spirits – Frankie Igor At A Rock And Roll Party
  8. Sonny Richard’s ‘Panics’ With Cindy & Misty – The Voodoo Walk
  9. Ted Heath & His Music – The Creep
  10. Vampire Circus Movie Trailer
  11. Putney Dandridge & His Orchestra – The Skeleton In The Closet
  12. Jackie Brooks – The Raven
  13. Freddy Countryman – The Raven
  14. Duane Turley with The Tads – Devil’s Den
  15. Bill Buchanan – Beware!
  16. Alma Cogan – Mystery Street
  17. Jan August – The Naughty Ghost
  18. Somethin’ Smith & The Redheads – When All The Streets Are Dark
  19. Dean Martin – Ghost Riders In The Sky
  20. Sally Homes – The Ghost Story
  21. Gin Gillette – Train To Satanville
  22. Baker Knight – Theme From ‘The Devil’s Hand’
  23. Baron Daemon & The Vampires – Ghost Guitars
  24. Duane Eddy – Twistin’ Off A Cliff
  25. Bob Guy – Dear Jeepers (& Frank Zappa)
  26. Bob Guy – Letter From Jeepers (& Frank Zappa)
  27. Bracey Everett – The Lover’s Curse
  28. Jim Burgett – Split Personality (Jekyll and Hyde)
  29. The Crossfires – Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
  30. Los Gibson Boys – El Vampiro
  31. Louis Armstrong & Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra – Spooks!
  32. The Champs – Experiment In Terror
  33. The Sherwoods – Tickler
  34. Paul Peek – The Shadow Knows
  35. The Shadow Knows – Radio Intro to ‘Detective Story Hour’

The Shadow Knows More by Various Artists is available from Bear Family Records.

The Shadow Knows More




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