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Frequently Asked Questions
What Do You Do?

We are a website dedicated to discussing and reviewing vintage related media; focusing on Film, TV, Radio and Music made before 1980. We also help to promote and encourage vintage themed events and product in the modern world.

Who Owns You?

This website is owned and run by Jamie Dyer.

Are You A Business?

At this present time, we are not a business. All of our writers and reviewers are on a voluntary business. We hope to change this in the future, but its a long way in the future.

Do You Focus On UK or US Audiences?

Both! We believe that both countries have lots in common, and try to cater to both.

Why Do You Mostly Use Public Domain Materials On Articles?

We try, as best we can, to use the images offered by Wikimedia Commons, as most are either ‘creative commons’ or ‘public domain’. The licensing of official images is expensive, and not something we can afford at present. Occasionally, we will use the Getty Images free embed feature to use in articles as illustration.

Are You Looking For Bloggers?

At this time, we are not looking for bloggers as we are still building our audience.

Are You On Social Media?

You can find us on Facebook, where we have over 4000 likes! We are also on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

Do You Review Anything Made Past 1980?

We will only review something made after 1980 if it has a connection to vintage.

Do You Run A TV Or Radio Station?

At this time, we do not run a TV or Radio station. We are, however, slowly building up the framework to launch a radio station called ‘Old Time Joy Radio’.

I Have An Enquiry, What Do I Do?