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A modern view on vintage entertainment, Old Time Trio is a weekly thirty minute show filled with discussion, facts and opinion!

In the intro feature, we discuss landmark anniversaries taking place that week.

In the main feature, Jamie Dyer asks a guest to name three TV shows, movies, albums or radio shows made before 1980 they would recommend.

In the closing feature, Jamie invites a guest to play Celebrity Birthdays; A simple game of twenty questions to identify someone famous who was born on that week in history.

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This is an upcoming podcast from Old Time Review. For more information, go to www.OldTimeReview.co.uk/Trio.

If you’re interested in being a guest on the podcast, email Trio@OldTimeReview.co.uk or fill out the submission form.

This is an Old Time Review Production – www.OldTimeReview.co.uk