Southern TV Series Available to Stream on TPTV Encore


Fans of vintage British television will be pleased to hear that a large selection of programming from the Southern Television archive is available to stream for free! As part of Talking Pictures TV‘s TPTV Encore platform, viewers can select a number of surviving series and episodes.

Southern Television was an ITV region for the South and South East of England between 1958 to 1981. They produced a number of memorable programmes including How (1966-1981), Out of Town (1960-1981), Worzel Gummidge (1979-1981) and Runaround (1975-1981). Some of the programming that originated from Southern Television is now owned by Renown Pictures, who run Talking Pictures TV.

Programmes available on TPTV Encore include:

  1. Together (1980-1981) – Soap Opera which ran for 53 episodes over 2 series.
  2. Freewheelers (1968-1973) – Children’s Action series which ran for 104 episodes over 8 series. It starred Ronald Leigh-Hunt.
  3. Runaround (1975-1981) Children’s game show presented by Mike Reid.
  4. Tell Me Another – (1976-1979) – A fun show of anecdotes from famous celebrities, as told to Dick Hills.
  5. Rogue’s Rock (1974-1976) – Comedy Adventure series.
  6. Dangerous Knowledge (1976) – Six-part espionage drama series starring John Gregson.
  7. The Flockton Flyer (1977-1978) – Children’s TV series that consisted of 12 episodes over two series.
  8. Spearhead (1978-1981) – Drama series which ran for 19 episodes over 3 series.
  9. Dick Barton Special Agent (1979) – TV Adaptation of the classic radio character, played by Tony Vogel.
  10. Hogg’s Back (1975-1976) – Children’s Sitcom starring Derek Royle which ran for 19 episodes over 2 series.
  11. Scarf Jack (1981) – Six-episode Adventure series starring Roy Boyd and Richard Greene.
  12. Take a Letter Mr Jones… (1981) – Six-episode sitcom starring John Inman and Rula Lenska.
  13. The Capone Investment (1974) – Six-episode drama series starring Glyn Owen and Peter Sallis.
  14. Going a Bundle (1974-1976) – Children’s TV series featuring Harry Fowler, Kenny Lynch and. James Villiersand.
  15. Operation Patch (1976) – Drama series featuring Nigel Greaves, Lynsey Baxter, Michael Robbins and Barry Lowe.

Please note that the availability of this material may change. There may be more titles added in the future. If you notice any differences, please leave a comment below! What will you be watching?

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