The Full List of Vintage Shorts on Disney+

Disney Plus is home to a large selection of material from their 100 year history, alongside films and TV from various acquisitions. One of the selling points of the service, is their varied selection of short subject animation productions from the golden age.

Here we list all Disney shorts made before 1970, which feature on Disney Plus. Characters include Oswald, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. Animations from the Silly Symphony Seres are also available.

Colour denotes which series the shorts derive from. One or more other characters may be in it.

Red = Mickey Mouse

Blue = Donald Duck

Green = Goofy

Yellow = Pluto

Pink = Figaro and/or Minnie Mouse

Grey = Oswald

Purple = Silly Symphony

Black = Misc


Trolley Troubles (1927)

All Wet (1927)

Steamboat Willie (1928)

The Barn Dance (1929)

The Skeleton Dance (1929)


Flowers and Trees (1932)

Barnyard Olympics (1932)

Santa’s Workshop (1932)

“Ye Olden Days” (1933)

Building a Building (1933)

Three Little Pigs (1933)

Mickey’s Steam Roller (1934)

The Grasshopper and the Ants (1934)

Playful Pluto (1934)

The Wise Little Hen (1934)

The Goddess of Spring (1934)

The Big Bad Wolf (1934)

Mickey’s Kangaroo (1935)

The Golden Touch (1935)

The Band Concert (1935)

On Ice (1935)

The Tortoise and the Hare (1935)

Mickey’s Rival (1936)

Toby Tortoise Returns (1936)

Three Blind Mouseketeers (1936)

Three Little Wolves (1936)

Thru the Mirror (1936)

Hawaiian Holiday (1937)

The Old Mill (1937)

Clock Cleaners (1937)

Lonesome Ghosts (1937)

Brave Little Taylor (1938)

Ferdinand the Bull (1938)

Merbabies (1938)

Donald’s Golf Game (1938)

Donald’s Nephews (1938)

Boat Builders (1938)

The Ugly Duckling (1939)

Hockey Champ (1939)

Goofy & Wilbur (1939)

Beach Picnic (1939)

Donald’s Cousin Gus (1939)

Society Dog Show (1939)

Mickey’s Trailer (1939)


Mr Duck Steps Out (1940)

Tugboat Mickey (1940)

Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip (1940)

Donald’s Dog Laundry (1940)

Bone Trouble (1940)

Chef Donald (1941)

The Art of Skiing (1941)

Lend a Paw (1941)

Early to Bed (1941)

Canine Caddy (1941)

The Little Whirlwind (1941)

Mickey’s Birthday Party (1942)

How to Swim (1942)

Olympic Champ (1942)

Pluto Junior (1942)

How to Fish (1942)

How to Play Baseball (1942)

Donald’s Tire Trouble (1943)

The Flying Jalopy (1943)

How to Play Football (1944)

Double Dribble (1946)

Bath Day (1946)

Rescue Dog (1947)

Delayed Date (1947)

Figaro and Frankie (1947)

Chip An’ Dale (1947)

Bone Bandit (1948)

Mickey and the Seal (1948)

Pluto’s Purchase (1948)

Mickey Down Under (1948)

All in a Nutshell (1949)

Pluto’s Sweater (1949)

Goofy Gymnastics (1949)

Pluto’s Surprise Package (1949)

Winter Storage (1949)


Food for Feudin’ (1950)

Pluto and Gopher (1950)

Trailer Horn (1950)

Corn Chips (1951)

Out of Scale (1951)

Pluto’s Party (1952)

Lambert the Sheepish Lion (1952)

Let’s Stick Together (1952)

Pluto’s Christmas Tree (1952)

The New Neighbor (1953)

Simple Things (1953)

Don’s Fountain of Youth (1953)

Grand Canyonscope (1954)

Dragon Around (1954)

Beezy Bear (1955)

“Bearly Asleep” (1955)


Aquamaniac (1961)

Last updated: 10th September 2023

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