Good Old Summertime Compilation

Continuing their tradition of themed compilations, featuring a CD of songs based around a topic, Bear Family Records has followed up last year’s Another Banana Split Please with a collection entitled Good Old Summertime.

Gladly received at the time of publication, this compilation brings the sunshine from track one, and while the sun shines outside seems the best time to appreciate this.

With tracks covering most of the 1950s and early 60s, there is a pleasing mix of doo-wop, rock’n’roll, smooth soul, R&B and crooners here.

There are familiar names aplenty, including Dean Martin, The Andrews Sisters, Debbie Reynolds and Jerry Lee Lewis.


As we have come to expect from Bear Family Records, the accompanying booklet is impressive. With details on each artist and their track on the compilation, along with photos and theme-appropriate images, there are 23 glossy pages to devour.


  1. Evelyn Knight & The Stardusters – Powder Your Face With Sunshine
  2. Derrell Felts – It’s A Great Big Day
  3. Toni Dee – June, July And August
  4. Gene & Billy – It’s Hot
  5. Pee Wee Crayton – Rockin’ The Blues
  6. The Dovells – Summer Job
  7. The Del Vikings – The Sun
  8. Gerald Sims – Cool Breeze
  9. Now That Summer Is Here
  10. Joe Jones – California Sun
  11. The Charades – Surf N’ Stomp
  12. The Pyramids – Bikini Drag
  13. Annette Funicello – Bikini Beach Party
  14. Andrea Carroll – Please Don’t Talk To The Lifeguard
  15. The Andrews Sisters – Her Bathing Suit Never Got Wet
  16. Dick Glasser (A.K.A Dick Lory) – Jeannie’s Bikini
  17. Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra – Summertime
  18. Debbie Reynolds – Summer Romance
  19. Jimmy Daley & The Ding-A-Lings (Kip Tyler) Summer Love
  20. Richard Barrett & The Chantels – Summer Love
  21. The Sh-Booms – Short Skirts
  22. The Shades Feat. The Knott Sisters – Sun Glasses
  23. Jerry Lee Lewis – Milkshake Mademoiselle
  24. Don Carroll – Seven Up And Ice Cream Soda
  25. Lorrae Desmond – Soda Pop Hop
  26. Jan Raye Quartet Feat. Lilyann – Soda Pop
  27. Donny Baker With The Dimensionals – Drinkin’ Pop-Sodee Odee (Pop Pop)
  28. Dean Martin – In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening
  29. The Four Mints – Night Air
  30. Mel Torme – Midnight Cocktail
  31. Joey Welz & His Rock-A-Billy Piano – Shore Party
  32. King Curtis & The Noble Knights – Beach Party
  33. The Kirby Stone Four – In The Good Old Summertime


The addition of a couple of instrumental numbers to break up the consistent flavour of this compilation is welcome. Although after 33 tracks the sun theme feels a little tired, the feeling of cohesion style-wise does overcome this issue.

The sound quality on Good Old Summertime is as clear as Bear Family‘s usual high standard. A couple of tracks sound a little muffled and muddy, but the limitations of the original production techniques cannot always be overcome.

Overall, this compilation feels the strongest of Bear Family Records’ three summer-themed collections; the most consistent in terms of style and mood. A balmy treat that will bring summer indoors come rain or shine.

Good Old Summertime is available from Bear Family Records.

Good Old Summertime




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