Destination Lust – The World Of Love, Sex and Violence

Bear Family Records have released a brand new compilation themed around love and eroticism. Destination Lust: The World of Love, Sex and Violence features the naughty, the erotic and the provocative.

This selection is certainly tantalizing, in the shape of such well-known femme fatale types as Jayne Mansfield with the opening track. There are seductive numbers galore, such as ‘That Makes It’, the breathless ‘Teach Me Tiger’ and the downright naughty ‘Little Girl’.

Track two is an early example on the disc of the quality of musicianship that is prevalent in this collection. Many of the tracks fit perfectly into either the blues, rock-and-roll or jazz genres, in these terms. There are a few more mainstream offerings which would fit on any rock-and-roll or jazz compilation, such as The Clovers’ rendition of ‘Love Potion No 9′ and The Revels’ ‘Intoxica’.

No lust themed album would be complete without David Rose’s well-known number ‘The Stripper’. Considering her titillating reputation, Mansfield undoubtedly deserves the accolade of both opening and closing this compilation. She ends on a steamy note, with ‘Let’s Do It’ and a spoken word Outro.

Collectors familiar with the catalogue of Bear Family Records will be familiar with the quality of their accompanying booklets. This one boasts 24 pages of in-depth information on tracks and artists. It is also packed with suitably evocative imagery.

Definitely one for the adult audience due to the openly suggestive nature of both the music and visual material, this is nevertheless a very interesting compilation.


  1. Jayne Mansfield – That Makes It
  2. The Playboys – Charge It
  3. April Stevens – I Want A Lip
  4. The Trenier Twins – Hey! Sister Lucy (What Makes Your Lips So Juicy?)
  5. The Bikinis – Crazy Vibrations
  6. April Stevens – Teach Me Tiger
  7. Jim Backus & Friend – Delicious
  8. Miss X – Christine
  9. Andrea Tosi – La Sorella Di Christine
  10. Elke Sommer – Be Not ‘Notty’
  11. Mamie Van Doren – Separate The Men from the Boys
  12. Lola Dee & Rusty Draper – Scratch My Back
  13. The Clovers – Love Potion No. 9
  14. Ann-Margret – Let Me Entertain You
  15. Slim Galilard Sextet – When Banana Skins Are Falling
  16. Rolls’ Royce & The Wheels – Topless
  17. Ruth Wallis – Long-Playing Daddy
  18. Lizabeth Scott – A Deep Dark Secret
  19. The Revels With Barbara Adkins – Intoxica
  20. The Fiestas – I’m Your Slave
  21. Bobby Towers – Bondage Of Love
  22. The Frantics – The Whip
  23. John & Jackie – Little Girl
  24. Cozy Cole & The Love Orchestra – Bad
  25. Richard Marino & His Orchestra – Fever
  26. Bobbie Bolden – Hall Of Shame
  27. Enoch Light & The Light Brigade – Blonde Bombshell
  28. David Rose & His Orchestra – The Stripper
  29. Miss X – S-E-X
  30. Pat Morrissey – Why Don’t You Do Right
  31. Jayne Mansfield – Let’s Do It (live)
  32. Jayne Mansfield – Outro (Spoken Word)

Destination Lust – Songs of Love, Sex And Violence is available from Bear Family Records.

Destination Lust - Songs of Love, Sex And Violence




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