Dark Lonely Street – Eddie Cochran

2020 marks the 60th anniversary of the tragic passing of Rocker Eddie Cochran. Thanks to Germany’s Bear Family Records, fans can remember or discover the legendary artist through a brand new commemorative package. Featuring a twelve-track 10-inch vinyl, extra CD with bonus tracks and a 12-page folder; Is it worth picking up?


Presented on 10-inch shiny black vinyl, it already looks impressive as I place it onto the turntable. Featuring a vintage style Bear Family Records logo, it really looks the part.

The vinyl features a selection of various sides, covering Cochran’s versatility. The album builds up pace and momentum from Dark Lonely Street, One Kiss to Stockins’n Shoes to Teresa, and Pretty Girl. Side one comes to a close with one of Cochran’s best-known tracks, Summertime Blues, in which he showcased the dirtier, more soulful side of his unique voice.

Side Two opens with the fast-paced C’mon Everybody, another of Cochran’s finest. Here we can enjoy Cochran’s more gritty styling that sounds as fresh as the day he recorded it.. As with Summertime Blues, this track is over perhaps a little too soon, not outstaying its welcome. The selection of certain alternative versions here is interesting and rewarding. For example, Little Angel, a version without the backing vocals, showcases Cochran’s own vocal performance effectively Also, the backing track to My Way and The Kelly Four’s instrumental Strollin’ Guitar highlight his talent as an instrumentalist. This is a very welcome feature in contrast to the variety of vocal performances included.

This vinyl is a brilliant mix of numbers that celebrate the well rounded and rather immense talent of an artist lost much too soon.

A Little Something Extra…

A 12-page folder, including rare photographs and liner notes by Bill Dahl and a statement by Stephen Swan. Also included is a postcard featuring a photograph of Cochran. The extras are all nicely presented, printed on high-quality material.

Bonus CD

This bonus material is most welcome, showcasing some session work Cochran completed with other artists, such as Bob Luman and Gene Vincent. To hear Cochran’s identifiable style on other artists’ records is a joy, and something rarely explored. There are also some Cochran covers of standards here, such as Nervous Breakdown and Blue Suede Shoes, though the latter may not be as you’ve heard it before. Versions of C’mon Everybody (Let’s Get Together), Three Steps To Heaven, and Somethin’ Else are also included; Providing familiarity, but differently.

A live performance of Sweet Little Sixteen taken from a UK television show has great raw energy, followed by a lovely interview excerpt from radio program Saturday Club with British broadcaster Brian Matthew. The CD finishes on the great tribute to Eddie Cochran by Heinz, Just like Eddie; A fitting end.


This lovingly curated vinyl contains a strong collection of Cochran’s solo recordings, along with a recording by The Kelly Four. The sound on this vinyl is exceptional, nice and clear. It was not only the work of the compilers, Cochran brought his own energy to these recordings, with brilliant instrumental backing and versatile vocals. . Those looking for a more exhaustive track listing will need to look elsewhere More than just a greatest hits album, this package celebrates Cochran as an all-round musician and artist.

Vinyl Tracklisting

Side A

  1. Eddie Cochran – Dark Lonely Street
  2. Eddie Cochran – One Kiss
  3. Eddie Cochran – Stockins’n Shoes
  4. Eddie Cochran – Teresa
  5. Eddie Cochran – Pretty Girl (Two-Track Stereo)
  6. Eddie Cochran – Summertime Blues

Side B

  1. Eddie Cochran – C’mon Everybody
  2. Eddie Cochran – I Remember
  3. Eddie Cochran – Teenage Heaven
  4. Eddie Cochran – Little Angel (Without Chorus)
  5. Eddie Cochran – My Way (Backing Track)
  6. Eddie Cochran – The Kelly Four – Strollin’ Guitar

Bonus CD:

  1. Eddie Cochran – Dark Lonely Street
  2. Eddie Cochran – One Kiss
  3. Eddie Cochran – Stockins’n Shoes
  4. Eddie Cochran – Teresa
  5. Eddie Cochran – Pretty Girl (Two-Track Stereo)
  6. Eddie Cochran – Summertime Blues
  7. Eddie Cochran – C’mon Everybody
  8. Eddie Cochran – I Remember
  9. Eddie Cochran – Teenage Heaven
  10. Eddie Cochran – Little Angel (Without Chorus)
  11. Eddie Cochran – My Way (Backing Track)
  12. The Kelly Four – Strollin’ Guitar
  13. Ray Stanley – My Lovin’ Baby
  14. Troyce Key – Baby Please Don’t Go
  15. Jerry Neal – Scratchin’
  16. Eddie Cochran – Nervous Breakdown
  17. Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps – Git It
  18. Bob Luman – Guitar Picker
  19. Eddie Cochran – Blue Suede Shoes (Undubbed)
  20. Baker Knight – Just Relax
  21. Eddie Cochran – Somethin’ Else
  22. Bob Denton – Pretty Little Devil
  23. Eddie Cochran – Sweet Little Sixteen (UK TV)
  24. Eddie Cochran – I’ll Be Here Until April 18′
  25. Eddie Cochran – Milk Cow Blues
  26. Eddie Cochran – Let’s Get Together
  27. Eddie Cochran – Three Steps To Heaven (1st version)
  28. Heinz – Just Like Eddie

Dark Lonely Street 10-inch vinyl is available from Bear Family Records.

Dark Lonely Street by Eddie Cochran Vinyl




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