Rooms comes to Talking Pictures

1970s British TV series Rooms is set to return to our screens this July 2019, on archive channel Talking Pictures TV.

Not seen on British TV since its original run in 1974, Rooms was directed by John Russell from 1974-1977 as well as Brian Farnham, among others. Fay Weldon, Deborah Mortimer, Paula Milne and James Doran were just some of the many writers who worked on the scripts.

Each week, a two-part story focussed on different tenants of 35 Mafeking Terrace, an old London house which has been converted into bed-sits. Many tenants come and go; some are on their way to a more settled life; others will spend their lives just passing through. The landlords live in the basement; they are the only thread which links those who pass through the house.

Rooms will air every Thursday and Friday at 2 pm on Talking Pictures TV, starting on Thursday 11th July 2019.

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