Cliff Richard – Dynamite – The Brits are Rockin’ Vol 10

Continuing their long-running The Brits are Rockin’ series, Bear Family Records has assembled a compilation paying tribute to the early days of Cliff Richard’s career. The tenth entry into the series, it contains 34 tracks released between 1958 and 1962.

Backed by The Shadows (originally known as The Drifters), Cliff Richard was an early pioneer in British Rock ‘n’ Roll. Cliff’s debut single, Move It, along with appearances on the Oh Boy TV show was the start of a career which is still going to this day. This album pays tribute to those beginnings, before he opted for a softer approach, and features a predominantly Rock ‘n’ Roll heavy tracklisting.

The album begins with a quintessential Cliff and the Shadows single, Nine Times Out of Ten, which has the recognisable and accomplished sound they honed in the early 60s. This seems like an odd place to start, given it originates from later, but it does begin things in familiar territory. Cliff throughout his career has been known to dabble in many a ballad, but none of that is presented here. The rockier side of Cliff’s catalogue boasts a number of cover versions, obscure b-sides, album tracks and a few iconic early singles.

Some iconic Cliff Richard and the Shadows songs are here. Move it sounds as fresh as ever, maintaining it’s status as a British Rock ‘n’ Roll anthem. The likes of High Class Baby, Please Dont Tease, We Say Yeah, Dynamite and Do You Wanna Dance also help to set the bar very high.

As has been a constant for entries into this series, there are a number of covers from the world of R&B and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Cliff, sometimes referred to as the British Elvis, gives his energy to songs such as Blue Suede Shoes, What’d I Say, Down the Line, Twenty Flight Rock, My Babe and Forty Days. His interpretations stick close to the originals, but he sings them with swagger and confidence. The Shadows backing has a heavy yet clean edge, aided by the production by Norrie Paramor at EMI Studios (Later known as Abbey Road.

The earliest of Cliff’s recordings have an air of mimicry about them, with a style inspired by American acts of the period. Each song has a familiar groove or vibe that is executed well. It is clear to see inspiration from early Rock acts such as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

Several tracks derive from Cliff’s debut album, which was recorded live in front of an audience in the studio. These recordings sound electric, aided by the sound of screaming and excitement.

Sound Quality:

Out of all the artists featured so far in the series, Cliff Richard’s recordings possibly sound the best preserved. This is understandable considering his continued popularity. The masters presented here are as clear as the day they were pressed.

A Little Something Extra…

The album comes in a standard CD case with a nicely designed cover featuring young Cliff. Inside is a 36-page booklet with extensive liner notes by Ashley Wood, an expert on British Beat and Rock ‘n’ Roll. There are also rare photos and an easy-to-read discography with recording details.


In conclusion, this is a neat selection of tunes that represent the very early years of Cliff Richard’s career. Much is said about the groundbreaking sound of Move It, but the other songs presented here help to build a broader picture. Cliff could be said to have been the most successful of anyone featured in this series thus far, but this compilation proves he started from the same place as all of them. The Brits are Rockin’ Vol 10: Dynamite by Cliff Richard is available to order from Bear Family Records.


  1. Nine Times Out of Ten
  2. Never Mind
  3. My Feet Hit The Ground
  4. Pointed Toe Shoes
  5. Don’t Bug Me Baby
  6. Blue Suede Shoes
  7. Mumblin’ Mosie
  8. I Cannot Find A True Love
  9. Move It
  10. Tough Enough
  11. Got A Funny Feeling
  12. High Class Baby
  13. Gee Whiz It’s You
  14. Choppin’ ‘n’ Changin’
  15. Livin’ Lovin’ Doll
  16. Ready Teddy
  17. Mean Streak
  18. She’s Gone
  19. What’d I Say
  20. Apron Strings
  21. Down The Line
  22. Twenty Flight Rock
  23. Dynamite
  24. Baby I Don’t Care
  25. Mad About You
  26. We Say Yeah
  27. Please Don’t Tease
  28. Mean Woman Blues
  29. Whole Lotta Shaking Goin’ On
  30. The Snake And The Bookworm
  31. Forty Days
  32. Do You Want to Dance
  33. My Babe
  34. No Turning Back

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