That’ll Flat Git It! Vol 45

Bear Family Records have released another entry into their long-running That’ll Flat Git it series. This time, the focus is on Rockabilly and Rock ‘n’ Roll from the vaults from LA’s Imperial Records. Containing 35 tracks released on the label; Is this worth picking up?

At first glance, I was slightly disappointed by the tracklisting. Seeing Dennis Herrold, I expected Hip Hip Baby, and Bob Luman’s Red Hot. It was then I realised That’ll Flat Git It! had already featured this label before, back in 1997. The 12th edition featured these tracks and more! Then I realised the chance to allow the album to dig a little deeper.

The album begins with Tommy Lomonte’s only single for Imperial, the catchy Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. What follows is a mixture of popular and more obscure artists from the catalogue. Ricky Nelson, Bob Luman. Roy Brown, Laura Lee Perkins and The Burnette Brothers among others are represented here. They are names which will be familiar to fans of the genre, and the selection here is an excellent starting point. The less mainstream artists have a ‘curiosity’ which makes this album an interesting concept. It’s worth the price of admission simply to hear two sides by Dennis Herrold (including one not released until 2020), a great number by Dub Dickerson, and The Leen Teens.

Highlights include Luman’s Wild Eyed Woman, Merle Kilgore’s vocal delivery on Ernie, Lew Williams’ Don’t Mention My Name, early Freddie Fender’s roaring Mean Woman and the irresistible guitar of James Burton on the Ricky Nelson tracks. I must also confess a love for The Sidewinders’ instrumental masterpiece Sidewinder, which has an addictive quality that I will keep spinning for a long while.

Sound Quality

As with all releases in this series, it is clear that much care has been taken with the sound quality. Some originate from the original master tapes, while others sound transferred from the original 45s; The latter sounds a little crispy at times but this doesn’t deter from the enjoyment. It only adds to the experience. Based on these ears, Nelson’s recordings are possibly the best sounding; Not surprising given his popularity.

A Little Something Extra…

As with other entries into the series, the CD is presented in a digipak. It has a 36-page booklet featuring liner notes by Bill Dahl. Each artist is given a write-up to provide context. There are also rare photographs and illustrations.


Twenty-seven years later, Bear Family Records have followed up with another tribute to Imperial Records. It could seem like sloppy seconds at this point, but they’ve made sure it isn’t. There is a nice balance between known and obscure, with the latter being a key reason for picking this up. These compilations are always a nice springboard to ‘new’ music discoveries, and this one is no exception. Come for Ricky Nelson, stay for Laura Lee Perkins, Dennis Herrold and Gene Henslee! That’ll Flat Git It Vol. 45 is available to order from Bear Family Records


  1. Tommy Lomonte – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  2. Ricky Nelson – Shirley Lee
  3. Bob Luman – Wild Eyed Woman
  4. Roy Brown – Saturday Night
  5. Gloria Jean Pitts – I Don’t Stand No Quittin’
  6. Merle Kilgore – Everybody Needs A Little Lovin’
  7. Gene Henslee – Rockin’ Baby
  8. The Burnette Brothers – My Honey
  9. Slick Slavin – Speed Crazy
  10. Jackie Walker – Only Teenagers Allowed
  11. Bob Luman – Blue Days, Black Nights
  12. Merle Kilgore – Ernie
  13. Ricky Nelson – One of These Mornings
  14. Laura Lee Perkins – Kiss Me Baby
  15. The Leen Teens – So Shy
  16. Jay Blue – Get Off My Back
  17. Dennis Herrold – Don’t Push Away
  18. Ronnie Smith – Long Time No Love
  19. Ricky Nelson – Milk Cow Blues
  20. Roy Brown – Slow Down Little Eva
  21. Sonny Anderson – Yes, I’m Gonna Love You
  22. Lew Williams – Don’t Mention My Name
  23. Nick Venet – Love In Be Bop Time
  24. The Sidewinders – Sidewinder
  25. Bob Luman – This Is The Night
  26. Freddie Fender – Mean Woman
  27. Ronnie Diamond – Life Begins At 4 O’Clock
  28. Bobby Jay – Sweet Little Stranger
  29. Dennis Herrold – Make With The Lovin’ (Unedited)
  30. Jackie Walker – Good Good Feeling
  31. Merle Kilgore – Start All Over Again
  32. Bob Luman – Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
  33. Gene Henslee – Diggin’ N’ Datin’
  34. Dub Dickerson – Sugar Lips
  35. Jack Tucker – Lonely Man

That'll Flat Git It Vol 45




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