That Darn Cat Removed from Disney Plus UK

When Disney+ UK launched in March 2020, it was the home of hundreds of classic Disney movies from across the decades. One such title was 1965’s That Darn Cat, which has now been unexpectedly removed from the service.

Based on the book Undercover Cat by Gordon and Mildred Gordon, That Darn Cat was directed by Robert Stevenson and starred Hayley Mills and Dean Jones. In the film, a cat becomes involved in a kidnapping plot when he comes home one night with a wristwatch attached to his collar. The title song was written by The Sherman Brothers and performed by Bobby Darin.

It appears that many (as yet) unexplained removals have occurred on Disney+ UK since the beginning of February, many being older titles. Films such as Swiss Family Robinson (1960), The Shaggy Dog (1959), Emil and the Detectives (1964) and The Ugly Daschund (1966) are no longer available to stream. The reason for these removals is unclear. It could be a money-saving measure, removing lesser-watched titles or a temporary act to facilitate an unannounced future change. It could also potentially be a technical fault.

Many removed titles and more are available to buy and rent from the Amazon Video digital store. In some cases, this is now the only legal way to see some of these titles, as many haven’t received a physical media release in the UK. Those wishing to suggest a title or complain about the removals may wish to submit a form on the Disney+ website.

Many streaming services provide a function to inform their customers about when a title is due to leave a platform. Disney+ (at the time of writing) does not provide any such feature.

Are you sad That Darn Cat has left Disney+?

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