Talking Pictures to Broadcast The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin

The TV schedule for the coming week shows that British broadcast channel Talking Pictures TV will broadcast The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin. On Wednesday 27th March 2024, the channel will broadcast the classic Disney western comedy.

The film will air in the Saddle Up time slot, which includes the short introductory show Saddle Up hosted by James Stephens, followed by a western-themed film. In this case, the film is family comedy The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin.

…Bullwhip Griffin stars Roddy McDowall as straight-laced butler Griffin. Griffin gets embroiled in rollicking western adventures when the orphaned children of the family he works for set out for the gold rush. Suzanne Pleshette and Bryan Russell co-star as the daughter and son of the family. The action and comedy in this film are farcical and fun, making The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin entertaining for all ages.

It was released in 1967 and, as with many family favourites from the era, includes here and there some troubling depictions and attitudes. There is a print of the film which was edited for Disney Plus, which removes an overtly racist line from the film, overdubbing it with non-offensive phrases. It is unknown to us as yet whether the version aired on Talking Pictures will be the original or edited version.

In the past, Talking Pictures TV has broadcast a number of films from Disney-owned libraries such as Twentieth Century Fox and Hollywood Pictures. From our research, this is one of the first times the channel has shown a Disney-branded film. Will there be more of these to follow? This is an especially significant broadcast as, in the UK, the film has recently been removed from Disney Plus. The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin is no longer available as part of any subscription service, it is only available for individual purchase or rental. Therefore, it is all the more valuable that the movie will available on a free-to-air platform like Talking Pictures.

The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin will be broadcast on Talking Pictures TV at 3.05 pm on Wednesday 27th March 2024, following its introduction in Saddle Up at 3 pm with James Stephens.

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