A Short Music Review: 120 Years Hollywood Community and 100 Years Hollywood Sign

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120 Years Hollywood Community and 100 Years Hollywood Sign – Bear Family Records

Written by Jane Grandle

120 Years Hollywood Community and 100 Years Hollywood Sign is a 2-disc compilation of songs all linked in some way to Hollywood. Whether it’s a famous movie speech, a record performance by a cinema star or a song which featured in a well-known motion picture, every track is held together by this common theme.

It is not the most cohesive collection of songs, with such varying styles that the concept of the compilation seems a little tenuous. However, the tracks chosen are so strong in the most part that this is actually a pretty pleasant listening experience. There are a few speeches from movies, and even Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan cry, which feel a little jarring against the musical tracks. They do help tie it all together within the theme though.

Highlights for me are Carl Perkins’ Hollywood City, Sophia Loren and Paolo Bacilieri’s Tu Vuo Fa L’Americano, Henry Mancini’s Baby Elephant Walk and The Hollywood Studio Orchestra’s The Pink Panther Theme.

The included booklet included enhances the listening experience, as it helps add context concerning each track’s relevance. There are photos and small biographies included. Many tracks will already be known to most listeners, with the ones in between adding extra intrigue and colour. As a whole, this is a very pleasant product and I would recommend it to vintage movie fans and music lovers alike.

For more information and a full track listing, please visit Bear Family Records’ website.

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