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Jamie Dyer discusses his love of the 1979 Disney live-action film Unidentified Flying Oddball

This episode forms part of the Dyer’s Daily Disney100 series, celebrating 100 years of The Walt Disney Company. Jamie speaks off the cuff in each three-minute slot about a Disney-related subject that interests him.

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When watching through some of the more obscure live-action films that are available on Disney Plus here in the UK, I’m often struck by how many, to American audiences anyway, obscure British faces turn up in Disney films of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

I’m talking about people like John Le Mesurier and Sheila Hancock, for example, who appeared in “The Moon Spinners” alongside Hayley Mills, who of course is a massive star in the US and a great Disney legend. But I found it very bizarre. I mean, aside from those British movies that I’ve talked about previously, you do not expect to see them in an American production filmed in America or in Europe somewhere, right? But they are definitely there. And I think it culminates somewhat in the movie “Unidentified Flying Oddball”, also known as “The Spaceman and King Arthur”, and later re-released in the United States as “A Spaceman and King Arthur’s Court”. It is an adaptation of Mark Twain’s 1889 novel, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”.

And it’s this lovely, rip-roaring movie that basically sees a person from the 20th century transported back in time to King Arthur’s Camelot and it was Dennis Duggan playing the American, and he’s got a little robot sidekick that’s basically him as well, plus these names. Jim Dale, (known in the States), Ron Moody, Kenneth Moore, John the Measurer. Rodney Bewes of the Likely Lads, Sheila White, Robert Beattie. I mean, these names are more known, I think, to a British audience. This was actually Kenneth Moore’s last movie. And, yeah, it’s not one of his best. It’s probably a good way to go out if you’re talking about last movies because it’s just it’s just fun, right?

It’s just this fun movie. I’ve seen it a couple of times It’s what you might call daft. And if you haven’t seen it, please go and see it if you think that Disney live-action is all musicals and happy little tales and stuff. Go and watch that. It’s just funny and it’s very weird seeing Rodney Bewes in a Disney film.

I love the effect of seeing a British actor or actress in an American production and you just can’t help but think the American audience are like, “I’ve never seen this guy before, never seen this person”. And, I love it. Go and watch it. Unidentified Flying Oddball. It’s on Disney Plus.

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