Podcast Guest Submission

We are always looking for guests to appear on the Old Time Trio PodcastL

In the main feature, Jamie Dyer asks a guest to name three TV shows, movies, albums or radio shows made before 1980 they would recommend. They could be focused on one medium in particular, or a mixture.

In the closing feature, Jamie invites a guest to play Celebrity Birthdays; A simple game of twenty questions to identify someone famous who was born on that week in history.

Recording sessions last about 20 minutes and conducted via Zoom or Cleanfeed.

Guests can be from anywhere in the world.

What you get:

  1. Featured in an episode of ‘The Old Time Trio Podcast’.
  2. A written version of the podcast featured as a separate post.
  3. A link to your company or product on both pages.
  4. Tags to your social media via our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  5. A repost at least once a year on social media.

If you (or your client) would like to be considered as a guest on our podcast, please fill in the form below.