Five Vintage Tracks To Hear This Week: 03-06-20


In my two years of running Old Time Review, I have listened to hundreds of tracks from yesteryear, writing about new products that feature them. Many music fans will note that it is easier than ever to discover new old music, thanks to the rise of Spotify and other services. In this weekly section, I recommend five vintage tracks that I have thought about this week!

In no particular order, here are this week’s picks.

5. Hip Hip Baby – Dennis Herrold

While writing the review for Bear Family Records‘ vinyl release The Mystery of Dennis Herrold, I had this record on constantly. Written by Dub Dickerson, Herrold recorded it in 1957 and released it on Imperial Records. The simple mix of a catchy hook, prominent lead guitar and slap back production make this a room-filling sensation. In particular, I love the way the vocals really twang during the middle eight!

4. Dub Dickerson – Boppin’ In The Dark

Another Dub Dickerson tune featured on the aforementioned vinyl release from Bear Family Records. It may only be around 90 seconds long, but Boppin’ In The Dark is a quick bop that leaves you wanting more. Aside from the bizarre lyrics, there is so much to like about this song. It is a track that speeds along at a quick pace that leaves you wanting more; The solo is sublime. Before last week; I had never heard of Dickerson, but I shall make an effort to search out some more.

3. Little Richard – I Don’t Wanna Discuss It

Whenever one thinks of Little Richard, his recordings of the late 1950s might spring to mind. Songs like Tutti Frutti, Lucille, Keep-a-Knockin’ and Long Tall Sally are Rock ‘n’ Roll classics. But he was capable of so much more. I first stumbled upon this track, first released in 1967, while listening to a chunk of his back catalogue. For me, this track simply strolled its way into my life and hasn’t left, and I love it! This soulful track takes this artist to a whole extra level and showed he could do something different. From that funky bass line, those horns to his excellent vocal, this rocks!

2. Hank Mizell – I’m Ready

Mizell’s Jungle Rock is a stone-cold rockabilly classic that gained fame after a mid-70s reissue made the UK top five. However, few may know another recording featuring Hank Mizell and Jim Bobo, which is arguably stronger. I’m Ready is a catchy bop that features an incessant beat, prominent guitar and a beautifully simple harmonised chorus. Mizell reworked the song for his 1970s album Jungle Rock, but it does not compare to this gem!

1. Tony Blackburn – Chop Chop

British broadcasting legend Tony Blackburn’s singing career has always been a subject for ridicule, but I must admit to being a fan. I was introduced to Tony’s music through volunteers at the Aldingbourne Trust’s Access Music in West Sussex about five years ago. Written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, this track entered my mind and refuses to leave. People be more familiar with Sweet’s version of this song, but Tony’s version just edges it for me as it always puts a smile on my face! The psychedelic atmosphere, catchy chorus and Tony’s very English pronunciation make this a fun and addictive record.

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Jamie Dyer

Jamie Dyer is an experienced writer, broadcaster, musician and social media marketer. He enjoys Old Time Radio, vintage TV, collecting vinyl and supporting the New York Knicks.

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