This is Me – Lee O’Brien

About a week ago, I became aware of a new release by Singer-Songwriter Lee O’Brien. I was unacquainted with the artist, but the record’s producer was very familiar; Mr Francis Rossi. As the host of a Status Quo themed podcast, the involvement of the band’s frontman was music to my ears; I couldn’t wait to hear it.

This is Me is a new song taken from O’Brien’s upcoming album of the same name and was co-written with Rossi. The track is a driving Pop/Rock song with an uplifting tone built on a base of solid instrumentation. The lyrics, including a memorable chorus, encapsulate the ups and downs of being a musician; Further brought home by the excellently put-together music video. Quo and general Rock fans may recognise some of the techniques employed here, but the energy and enthusiasm are brought to the front by O’Brien; This is his moment.

With the help of Rossi and Andy Brook, O’Brien has crafted together a catchy Pop/Rock song that sounds simple to the ear, yet ultimately complex in nature. If this and You and I are anything to go by, the album will be one to watch! This is Me is available to buy and stream from OBO Records.

Jamie Dyer

Jamie Dyer is an experienced writer, broadcaster, musician and social media marketer. He enjoys Old Time Radio, vintage TV, collecting vinyl and supporting the New York Knicks.

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